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No Guarantee for Thalaivaa
Published Date:
Aug 13, 2013

On account of the confusion related to the release of Thalaivaa, there was an emergency meeting held by the theater owners in Teynampet today morning, in order to discuss the release date of Thalaivaa. Theater owners from all over Tamil Nadu participated in the meeting.

The theater owners had earlier offered attractive Minimum Guarantees (MG) for the film when it was scheduled to be released on the 9th of August. However, the delay has caused people to sell pirated DVDs of the film and upload the movie in the internet. As a consequence of these incidents, the theater owners have decided to release the movie on a profit sharing basis and not on MG basis, as earlier expected.

An official announcement regarding the release date of Thalaivaa can be expected in a few hours and as of now, August 15th or 16th are spoken of as likely release dates.



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