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Director Sinish’s film with Jai, Anjali and Janani Iyer is the upcoming horror flick Balloon. During a press meet, Sinish had talked about Balloon and the kind of film that it is. He had stated that the movie would have all the commercial elements like comedy, action, horror and a love track between Jai and Anjali. A section of the media had questioned him about Jai and Anjali’s off screen as well as their on screen love. To this, Sinish said:


“Yes there is a love track for Jai and Anjali in Balloon but even I couldn't judge whether they are lovers in real life. Balloon will have all the elements packaged well to entertain audiences. It is set in Kodaikanal and it will also see the pairing of Janani Iyer and Jai in a flashback portion that has Jai playing a Balloon seller and hence we opted for the catchy title Balloon.”


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