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Director Vignesh Shivn has posted a note on his official social blogging page, about his feeling after watching Baahubali 2.


He tweeted, "5 Mistakes in #Baahubali2 Frm Legend @ssrajamouli sir's Masterpiece! TakeABow @meramyakrishnan #prabas #satyaraj @RanaDaggubati &team". Along with this tweet, he attached a note, which had the five mistakes. The note reads:


1. Paying just 120 Rupees to witness and experience such a marvelous show - a collection box or the producer's account number or address should have been available for the extra payment.


2. The length of the film was too short!!! No one wanted the experience to get over in just- just-just 3 hours!


3. Too much detailing and perfection - Shattering most of the filmmakers' confidence, head weight and thought process about their own products.


4. It shouldn't have been the conclusion - Inclusion of another 10 parts would have given us the feeling that we are up for more miracles on screen, in the near future.


5. Tough times ahead - Too difficult a benchmark being set! Don't know how many more years it will take to beat all these records in the history of Tamil Cinema.


Now, do you get the mistakes of Baahubali 2, according to Vignesh Shivn?


*Vignesh Shivn's blog post and twitter updates are not spell-checked


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