Bigg Boss Tamil - the famous Indian version of the internationally acclaimed Big Brother show is currently commencing its season 4 with spectacular contestants and interesting content courtesy of the inmates.


So here, we have an overview for you to revisit these top moments that happened yesterday's (last episode - dated 24.10.2020 - Saturday). Stay with us and see which one intrigues you the most!

1. Happenings of Friday

Happenings of Friday in Bigg Boss house was not uneventful.


1. Sanam said she did not want to participate in the captaincy task, since in the rankings she was placed in the very last tiers unfairly, according to her own words. She said that if the housemates needed to nominate her, she did not want the favor of captaincy coming their way.


2. Meanwhile, in a fun talk between friends Gabriella, Aajeedh and Bala, Gabi conveys to Aajeedh that Bala likes someone in this house and asks him to guess who. Aajeedh guesses it to be Shivani which Gabi says was the name she had in mind, and asks Bala if its wrong. In a long discussion, Bala pronounces Gabi to be his sister, but not Shivani, not forgetting to add that if the time comes and if he feels so, he will call Shivani as his sister too.


3. Bala at dinner time when everyone is available at the table, places a request for mutual respect between contestants, and not to call him 'Avan, Ivan, da', but to call him by name.