Bigg Boss Tamil - the famous Indian version of the internationally acclaimed Big Brother show is currently commencing its season 4 with spectacular contestants and interesting content courtesy of the inmates.


So here, we have an overview for you to revisit these top moments that happened yesterday's (last episode - dated 29.10.2020 - Thursday).

1. Balaji v/s Sanam Shetty - words spark again!

The rulers of the house, as the Thangame Unnathan task began, asked others to name a good thing about each of the rulers team. When Sanam mentioned Archana was generous, Balaji, belonging to the team of rulers of the house, teased her saying she was lying, and said Sanam had earlier said to him that Archana did not give her a lemon, sometime back.


When Sanam questioned him why he made matters worse, and mentioned unnecessary things provoking fight between her and others, Bala became furious and raised his voice. While Jithan Ramesh and Bala were joking it was a trivial matter and she was making it worse, Sanam snapped right back, saying that only when something happens to him it is serious, and if he does it to others, it is casual.