Bigg Boss Tamil - the famous Indian version of the internationally acclaimed Big Brother show is currently commencing its season 4 with spectacular contestants and interesting content courtesy of the inmates.


So here, we have an overview for you to revisit these top moments that happened yesterday's (last episode - dated 27.10.2020 - Tuesday).

1. Anitha feels lonely

Yesterday Anitha spoke on stage on how widows are shunned in the society ij rituals, and brought in Suresh's name in her speech, on how he asked her to start the festivals since she was married and how that would not have happened if she was a widow.


This speech irked Suresh, who felt hurt on listening to the same. After Suresh ran away from Anitha when she was asking sorry to him regarding this, Anitha started to feel lonely and lost the cheer in her face, and Aari, Rio, Sanam tried to make the former feel better.


Even after all the persuasion that everyone was okay with Anitha's argument, she was very upset and cried loudly inside the bathroom, post which Bigg Boss called her inside the confession room.