Vaaren Di Odi Vaaren

D Sathyaprakash is a renowned singer and a fine one at that, but just like the Covid-19 lockdowns have inspired many musicians to go beyond the usual, he too has now composed a single on his own. This is an excellent Tamil folk styled track with a fusion of Indian and western instruments. The bass guitar by Aalap Raju makes initial headway and keeps company with Sathyaprakash’s amazing vocals, and then the excellent violin solo forms the interlude played delicately by Rangapriya Sankaranarayanan. Once the charanam begins its all the singer with his ability to do terrific ghamakas in display here. Abhinandan David and Rangapriya participate in a jugalbandhi of sorts right through the stanza and credit goes to Sathyaprakash for the excellent instrumental arrangements. Saurabh Joshi who regularly plays for band Staccato is behind the percussions and Kumaran SS is on the drums. Overall this is one delightful number that will just capture your attention.