Thumbi Thullal

AR Rahman had treated us with some amazing music in “99 songs” and in his recent hit soundtracks of “Dil Bechara”. We tamil listeners are now eagerly expecting a solid performance from "Cobra" and his first single surely has worked well with the music lovers. This track Thumbi Thullal immediately reminds of the brilliant track from "Dil Se" and the male-female harmony is just the perfect start to the track. Shreya Ghoshal is what makes this song reach to an elevated level of richness for she just is magnificent in her vocal delivery and ghamakas others can probably only dream of. The charanam is even better than the opening lines and the second interlude on the Nadaswaram is a beautiful way to create the aura of a wedding scene with Jagadhananda karaka playing. The harmonies also sound good once again in the outro. One can’t wait for the other singles to get released.