Mayangi Poguthey

Surprise elements are always amazing and when it is a new musician who composes a soulful track the joy and excitement is impossible to hide. Jeffin Joe Jacob is a musician who has been making some covers of famous songs but this is his foray into film music and looks like a scintillating debut. The bass and acoustic guitars by the superstar Syam Balakrishnan come to the forefront despite playing the second and third layers behind the vocals. Jeffin introduces the time-tested whistle as a solo instrument in the interlude and that is never bound to fail. Sanoop Louis on the drums makes your foot tap, and it’s heartening to see the variations the composer brings into the charanam. We hope to hear more from Jeffin Joe Jacob in the future. The climax is fitting with the trio of bass guitar, piano and whistle all conjoining.