This wonderful track is composed by Kaushik Krish who has also been a playback singer, and he has scored the Original Background score for movies like Comali & Maragatha Nanayam. J sarath on the flute begins the track eloquently joined by the composer on the keys and the scintillating voice of Shaktishree Gopalan. The way she sings in the lower scale is phenomenal and one can hear in the second layer the violin solo just waiting to dominate played by Raghavasimhan Sankaranarayanan. This MIT educated violinist is also the brother of Rangapriya who played the violin in the Sathyaprakash number. Joseph Vijay’s bass guitar will tease you just about here in the opening lines and then the interlude has only one hero with Raghavasimhan playing in multiple layers. Siddharth Srinivasan plays the acoustic guitar and the song scores so high on instrumentation just for the way they all combine and there is so much to listen to.