After a brief hiatus that kept him from any music releases, SaNa’s  fans have been rewarded with amazing music recently with Vellai Yanai and now Penguin which has only one track. The number is sung by Susha ( Subiksha Rangarajan) and initially there are a few traces of Kabali’s uber hit Vaanam Parthen and she even sounded a bit like Dhee. The mouth organ is a wonderful addition along with the stunning male-female harmonies. Just before the first interlude, when Susha sings “Pothume” the keys are just brilliant and flowy. A flute based interlude takes us into the charanam, and the low scale singing is top notch here. The second interlude is a funky slow solo on the mouth organ. SaNa brings one more variation here in the second mini-charanam and this track just proves that it’s a blessing for a singer and a piano player with full scope. The song has enough layers in true Santhosh Narayanan’s fashion, that can only be truly enjoyed with earphones.