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Review By : Movie Run Time : 1 hour 43 minutes Censor Rating : U Genre : Fantasy, Thriller

Production: Dharmraj Films Cast: Anicka Vikhraman, Gurusomasundaram, Yogesh Direction: Babu Tamizh Music: Gavaskar Avinash Cinematography: Radhakrishnan Editing: Manikumaran Sankara

Ikk is a thriller film written and directed by Babu Tamizh who was the writer of the film Jiivi. The film is bankrolled by Naveen under the banner Dharmraj Films. It has Yogesh and Guru Somasundaram in the lead roles with Aadukalam Naren, Anicka Vikhraman, YG Mahendran, Madhan Bob and others playing crucial supporting roles. 

Ikk deals with the story of a footballer Vasanth (played by Yogesh), who has a series of strange events happening one by one. During soccer practice, he kills a pigeon, a young girl who accompanies him into the ground keeps staring at him and doesn't let go of his hand, he gets seriously injured during a match, he witnesses a murder in a hospital, and the incidents keep going on. His wife, Dhanya (Anicka Vikhraman) thinks it's all in his head and he's just imagining them. He narrates these incidents to his driver Gnana Prakasham (played by Guru Somasundaram) who gives him advice and tips, to the dislike of Dhanya. How Vasanth is connected to all these events form the plot. 

A film like Ikk can be divided into two categories. The first one is that it is a smart film with an interesting high level concept. It is something you've rarely seen in Tamil Cinema, and the story is engaging as well. The issue lies with the second one, where the film, because of it's complicated concept, might not be understood by a lot of people. Objectively speaking, the film is indeed superbly written, and the writer inside Babu Tamizh overshadows the director in a lot of places 

The film has a tight screenplay, which doesn't lag anywhere except a song sequence that looked forced in nature. But, if you look past that, you get to see a story filled with a lot of metaphors and unexpected twists. The protagonist is Yogesh who is a debutant. He performs exceptionally well while displaying anger and other similar emotions, but in the other scenes, his inexperience in front of the camera shows. 

Guru Somasundaram as Gnana Prakasam is a well-written character, whose arc is complete and the role has a lot of flesh. However, Guru's over-the-top performance to add a bit of eccentricity ends up distracting us. It is this over-the-top performance that screams to us that he is the antagonist of the film, right from the start. Among other performances, Aadukalam Naren is impressive as Inspector Kanangavel Rajan. The rest of the cast do their job decently with nothing much to complain about. 

The film has music composed by Gavaskar Avinash, and he helps the director in realising his vision. The second half, especially the last 30 minutes or so where the twist unravels is made to look better than what it should have been, mainly because of his background score. Gavaskar Avinash also works in tandem with the editor - Manikumaran Sankara, whose work deserves a lot of applause as well. A small mistake would have completely brought the film to shambles. 

On the flipside, the cinematography could have been better. The visuals don't appeal to you, but it is not bad to the level of disappointing you. In a film where the writing and the concept is so good, you wish that the cinematography had also been better. That being said, Ikk is still a very interesting film that could blow your mind. As mentioned above, the film has two sides to it. 

When it comes to the writing - be it the screenplay or the story, the film is on par with Hollywood films hands down. The film opens with a card - A Babu Tamizh thought - and the director's high confidence on this thought reflects well on screen. The other side is that, if you blink an eye, you will might not understand anything. And for the common audience, it might take at least two viewings to piece together what happened on the screen. It is a thin line - the film might or might not work for you, depending on which side you fall on. 


Verdict: Babu Tamizh's unique concept and writing makes Ikk an engaging watch.


2.5 5 ( 2.5 / 5.0 )



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