Ranking based on Chennai Box Office Collections from Mar 03rd 2014 to Mar 09th 2014
Week : 1
Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 46,388
Verdict: Poor Opening
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 18
Average Theatre Occupancy (Weekend): 15%
Collection in Chennai (Weekend): Rs. 46,388
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Production: NOD Production, Sinish
Cast: Priyanka Reddy, Robo Dina, Sathish Krishnan, Thepeti Ganesan
Direction: Sinish
Screenplay: Sinish
Story: Sinish
Music: Dharan
Background score: Dharan
This Sinish Sreedharan directed thriller has Sathish Krishnan and Priyanka Reddy in lead roles. With very little publicity, the movie could only garner poor opening over the weekend.

From January 2014's releases, the rankings will be based on box-office collections only from theaters in the Chennai City trade area:

Theaters which fall under the Chennai City trade area are - Udhayam complex, Kamala complex, PVR Multiplex, Inox Multiplex Mylapore, Escape Cinemas, Sathyam Cinemas, Devi Cineplex, Shanti complex, Anna, Pilot, Woodlands complex, Casino, Albert complex, Abirami Mega Mall, Motcham complex, Sangam Cinemas, Ega Cinemas, Bharath, Maharani, Agasthya, IDream, AVM Rajeswari, Sri Brindha, S2 Perambur, Ganapathyram and MM
Box office collection is calculated taking into account the number of shows and theater occupancy in theaters falling under the Chennai City trade area. These are details not shared by the producers, distributors or theater owners who cannot be held responsible for the collection figures listed. There might be variations from the exact collection details.


Endrendrum aka Endrendrum

Endrendrum aka Endrendrum is a Tamil movie with production by NOD Production, Sinish, direction by Sinish. The cast of Endrendrum aka Endrendrum includes Priyanka Reddy, Robo Dina, Sathish Krishnan, Thepeti Ganesan.