Production: M Deepa, PG Media Works, PG Muthiah | Cast: Kawin, Mime Gopi, Mithun Mageswaran, Sayaji Shinde, Yogi Babu | Direction: Ra. Vijaya Bhaskar | Music: Sai Bhaskar



Review By : Behindwoods Review Board, Sunil Srivatsav Release Date : Jul 10,2020
Movie Run Time : 2 Hour 7 minutes

'Cocktail’, is yet another Tamil movie to release directly on the digital scene during the lockdown after Ponmagal Vandhal and Penguin. The movie directed by Ra Vijayamurugan stars Yogi Babu, Mime Gopi, Reshmi Gopinath, Sayaji Shinde, Kawin, Mithun Mageswaran, 'Vettukili' Bala and Kureshi with music by Sai Bhaskar and Cinematography by R.J. Raveen. Cocktail is streaming on the OTT platform ZEE5. Is the movie a neat watch? Read more to find out.

As seen from the trailer, a gang of four friends unknowingly get hold of a young woman’s corpse, after a mad max ‘party’. A hangover morning is followed by a series of events and how they overcome all odds and successfully get rid of the body, forms the plot.

Vijay fans will love Yogi Babu more, in this movie. His ‘Mersal’ mimics, as seen from the teaser is indeed funny to watch and as usual, he aces it with his quirky and funny one-liners. There’s a small love story for Yogi Babu and how he wins over the girl might also put up a smile on your face.

With only a run-time of 2 hours and 7 minutes, ‘Cocktail’ still seems to be slightly on the longer side. For the most part of the first 40 minutes or so, it is KPY Bala giving out counter dialogues and remixing movie songs to his own quirky lyrics which is not much enjoyable. Although it is funny for a bit, the director seems to have over-utilized the one-liners, and thus, the fun is missing after a while.

The two heroines don’t have much scope to perform but have done justice to their roles, with very less screen presence. Sayaji Shinde, who is a renowned actor, has played the role of a cop in this movie. After seeing some scintillating performances from him, his role in ‘Cocktail’ is indeed a step-down.

The movie starts off with the cops getting their hands on a lost idol and just when you think that this is how the story is going to move forward, there are these 4 guys with their own drunk night. Had the director connected these two sub-plots over a fine line, the movie would have ended on a much crisper note.

Although there’s a decent scope for a possible ‘Fun-Thriller’, the story-telling is a huge letdown. With a weak screenplay, ‘Cocktail’ misses to engage for the most part of the movie. There are a few scenes that might entertain you, but on the whole, the movie fails to engage.

With a new age director coming up with a different plot, the century-old cliches of Tamil Cinema could have been avoided. When a group of friends gets together for a couple of drinks, it is not necessary that they should sing a song. There are also a couple of sexist remarks in the movie - When Bala compares alcohol and women and a couple more in his one-liners.

When the ‘why’ is finally revealed, there’s not much justice that’s done for the audience. A much stronger climax reveal would have made us feel more connected to the film. There are also a few loose ends in the film, which the director had attempted to be a funny watch, but it ends up falling flat. Yogi Babu’s timely dialogues here and there is what saves the movie from ending up as a disaster.

Verdict: ‘Cocktail’ misses to engage in spite of Yogi Babu’s quirky performance.
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


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Cocktail (aka) Cocktaill

Cocktail (aka) Cocktaill is a Tamil movie with production by M Deepa, PG Media Works, PG Muthiah, direction by Ra. Vijaya Bhaskar. The cast of Cocktail (aka) Cocktaill includes Kawin, Mime Gopi, Mithun Mageswaran, Sayaji Shinde, Yogi Babu..