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Production: Trident Arts Cast: Catherine Tresa, Siddharth Direction: Sai Sekhar Screenplay: Sai Sekhar Story: Sai Sekhar Music: S.S.Thaman Cinematography: NK Ekambaram Editing: Praveen K. L.

Based on conspiracies around one of the most important necessities of life, Aruvam is a horror drama movie that is mainly built on the usual urge for revenge on injustice. Aruvam is directed by Sai Sekhar and produced by R. Ravindran under the banner Trident Arts.

Aruvam casts Siddharth (Jeganathan) as Food Inspector and Catherine Tresa (Jothi) as a School Teacher in the lead roles. Siddharth is a law-abiding officer who is smart and strict with a distinguished sense of smell, and Catherine is quite opposite to him, she is born with a disability of Congenital Anosmia - born with the disability to smell. How Jeganathan and Jothi meet? How and Why the paranormal sequences occur forms the crux of the story. Actor Sathish (Muthu) who comes for a brief time, provides the needed comic relief in the film

Siddharth is suave and stylish, yet as confident as required to fill in the role of a government food Inspector. Catherine Tresa plays a Sweet teacher in a government school who loves her students very much and her characterization is formed in such a way that she wishes not to hurt even a single creature. The villainous roles are taken up by stunt Choreographer Silva Master, Kabir Singh, and Madhusudhan, and the rest of the cast, which includes Manobala, 'Aadukalam' Naren and others, do their best to keep up with the bleak storyline.

The execution of Aruvam’s screenplay travels in a predictable route, which could have been improved.  The dialogues in Aruvam deliver the right amount of amplification to instill the seriousness of the basic plot of the story, which could have had a greater impact if the story had been more engaging and packed with scenes that the audience could relate to. On the other hand, SS Thaman's music and sound effects are given a remarkable boost to the movie. The songs are suitably placed, and thus does not obstruct the flow of the movie.

The camera shots are by N. K. Ekambaram. All the backdrops of the scenes are vivid and bright and no shade of confusion arises at any part of the story. The VFX team has done their customary work as much as required by the story.

In short, though the story has new concepts, the movie that could have been much better if the main storyline hadn't delved much into paranormal activity, and added much more realistic scenarios. Aruvam devotes more attention to fight scenes, revenge and has little to offer other than a casually packed conventional story of transgression, the lead role’s opposition and how he handles the same. Overall, Aruvam results in an ending that is anticipated and predictable. 


Verdict: 'Aruvam' has an important social message, but could have engaged better with an interesting screenplay.


2.25 5 ( 2.25 / 5.0 )



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Aruvam (aka) Aruvaam

Aruvam (aka) Aruvaam is a Tamil movie. Catherine Tresa, Siddharth are part of the cast of Aruvam (aka) Aruvaam. The movie is directed by Sai Sekhar. Music is by S.S.Thaman. Production by Trident Arts, cinematography by NK Ekambaram, editing by Praveen K. L..