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Unfortunately, Young TV Actor Manmeet Grewal has passed away, on the Friday, May 15. According to media reports, he had reportedly committed suicide by hanging himself. The reason for the same is stipulated to be owing to financial troubles he had been facing.

Young TV Actor suicides, dies by hanging himself due to money problems RIP Manmeet Grewal

Incidentally, it has also been reported that the actor was also in depression. Apparently, with the lockdown and curfew set in place, Manmeet was concerned with payment of his loans and rent, which has already been overdue for two months.

When Manmeet's wife suddenly heard a chair falling down, she rushed to find the actor hanging from the ceiling. But according to media reports, no neighbors had come forward to help, fearing the actor had COVID. Manmeet Grewal is popular for his roles in series such as Aadat Se Majboor and Kuldeepak.

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