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Will one Vijay get separated from his parents in Mersal?

It is a known fact that Vijay plays a triple role in Mersal. One father and two sons, apparently he plays identical twins is what we have been told.

The first song Aalapooran Thamizhan that was released recently looked like it was for the father version of Vijay. If you had looked carefully at the lyrics video, you could find a small kid standing next to Nithya Menen. There is a high possibility for that kid to be playing Vijay's younger, that is one of Vijay-Nithya Menen's identical twins. The same kid was spotted in another photo with Vijay earlier.

If they are identical twins then where is the other son? You could ask us that he might be missing in these pictures, but if you notice the lyrics, few lines apparently talk about Vijay's son. ''Muthumani rathinatha pethedutha ranjidham, orukunne vaazhukannu appanukum sammadham." (You are a precious kid, and your father would be pleased if you live your life for the people)

Firstly the song looks like a celebration song; it could even be a wedding song as you could find a bride and a groom in the lyric video. But the above-stated line doesn't talk about their marriage, but it is about a young boy. Who else could it be other than Vijay's son? And the lyrics talk about one kid and it is not in plural tense. All these factors give us an idea that one of Vijay's sons might get separated very early with or without his knowledge. And the boy who gets separated could be the magician Vijay. Will the identical twins accidentally meet after several years and will that form the crux of the story?

This theory is just our assumption, and we could be wrong, but we felt this info exciting to share it with you while analyzing the song.

Will one Vijay get separated from his parents in Mersal?

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