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Will GV Prakash’s 4G have 4 heroines?

A couple of days ago, GV Prakash had made an announcement that he will be acting in a film titled 4G under the direction of Venkat Pakkar. This film will be produced by CV Kumar’s Thirukumaran Entertainment production banner.

4G sounds exciting for a title, but what does it mean? Is it the fourth generation telecommunication technology they are talking about?

No, we don’t think so, it could be a story about 4 girls or 4 girlfriends of GV Prakash Kumar in the film. Or it could be about 4 girls whose names may perhaps begin with G. We think there is a possibility that this film could be a 4 heroine subject. 

Meanwhile, a little birdie has hinted us that the film is about a 4th generation love story.

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Will GV Prakash’s 4G have 4 heroines?

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