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Vishnu Vishal's latest tweet on TFPC's release regulation policy

Vishnu Vishal's Ratsasan turned out to be a blockbuster after a not so great opening due to the release of other biggies. During the release of Ratsasan, Vishnu had stated that he wasn't very much satisfied by release regulation policy of TFPC.


TFPC has released an open call for the releases of movies until Pongal 2019. This situation is now highlighted by the actor in his twitter handle, "close..open ...close ..open...open ..open ....close....🤨 nice game :) #feeltheheat"


He also tweeted, "REGULATIONS..No Regulations..REGULATIONS..No Regulations..No Regulations..No Regulations..REGULATIONS..😏is this how justice is served to the people who try n follow rules?not frst this is the second time its happening to me n othrs..why rules thn? #systemfailure #politicswithin.btw this was just to make othrs understand wat i meant by open ..close ...close..open statement :) amyways #SilukkuvarpattiSingam is coming on #dec21release :)


Aftr attending all d TFPC meetings in d last 1 month im pretty sure @VishalKOfficial isn responsible for this situation...like is said #politicswithin :) RULES R ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW :)"


His last tweet had him mentioning about his previous project's issue and also had clearly stated that TFPC's President, Vishal is not to be blamed for this situation.


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