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The South Indian artistes association, popularly known as Nadigar Sangam, is currently headed by actor Nasser's Pandavar Ani. The elections for the next term has been creating a lot of buzz in the social media recently.

Vishal and Bhagyaraj teams Nadigar Sangam elections cancelled

The two teams Pandavar and Swami Shankaradas has been fiercely campaigning and have been giving many interviews and press meets to resonate their arguments with the widely spread members of the association.

It is to be noted that Producer Ishari K. Ganesh will be contesting this elections against actor Vishal for the post of General seceretary and the Legendary actor, screenwriter and director K. Bhagyaraj will also be contesting in this elections against Nasser for the post of President

The election was initially to be held on June 23rd, but due to the petition filed by a group of former members of the association, the court had called to hear the reasons from the association's side and now the district registrar today has announced for the elections to be postponed until all the legal problems of the association and it's members are finished. The venue was told to be changed by the court just recently as it would create disturbances for the public.

The new date for the election, the people who will be managing the responsibilities and the postings until the election has not been clarified. The next information on the election date and venue in expected to be clarified soon.