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Vijay's Sarkar audio launch live updates

A film that has a huge amount of expectations mounted on it is Vijay's Sarkar, directed by AR Murugadoss. This film produced by Sun Pictures has AR Rahman as its music director. Keerthy Suresh and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar play important roles in the film, while Girish Gangadharan handles the cinematography and Vivek writes the songs.

Sarkar's grandeur audio launch event is currently happening in Chennai and the fans are pumping with excitement. Here is a sneak peak about the event before its official telecast on TV at 6:30 pm.

- Thalapathy fans are seen distributing free Sarkar T-shirts to the audience celebrating, Vijay in a special manner.

- Before the official start of the event, a CCTV awareness video featuring Chiyaan Vikram was played at the event.

- A dear friend of Thalapathy and a 2-time associated director Atlee attended this grand event.

- Thalapathy Vijay and producer Kalanidhi Maran were seen entering the event at 5:30 and Vijay looked top notch wearing a fine blue shirt

- The glorious event begins with SAC Vasanth's magic show

- It is to be noted that Sarkar's audio launch is the second event that Kalanidhi Maran is attending post the audio launch of Enthiran

-From Theri to Mersal to Sarkar now, the response that Thalapathy Vijay generates among fans at his audio launch events is exponentially increasing. The actor constantly reaches new heights.

- At the event, the fans were seen lighting up the auditorium with torchlights which earlier happened in Mersal's audio launch as well.  Looks like this is a tradition followed by the fans as a gesture for Thalapathy.

- Thalapthy Vijay waves hands at his fans and all the guests who have turned up for the event.

- Raack Academy of Dance performs the 'Kuttipuli Koottam' song from Vijay - ARM's combo's Thuppakki. Huge applause from fans. 

- Actor Prasanna turns a host for this grand event. Alongside him, is popular VJ Diya, who has been part of many notable shows on Sun TV. 

- Prasanna declares himself as an ardent 'Thalapathy Vijay' fan. 

- Vijay's parents - director S.A.Chandrasekar and Shoba Chandrasekar are present at the venue.

- Popular comedian Robo Shankar dances to Sarkar's viral first single, Simtaangaran. 

- Radharavi, who has acted in Sarkar, comes up to the stage as the first guest speaker. 

- Radharavi says Sun Pictures should have fixed an open beach as the venue for the audio launch to accommodate the followers and fans of Thalapathy Vijay. 

- On a light-hearted manner, Radharavi addresses Vijay as 'Viji Ma', and says that the star lies down on the floor and sleeps, during the scene breaks and gaps. 

- Radharavi also adds that Vijay is a much needed and an important person in the development of our society. 

- Popular rappers and musicians, Blaaze, Lady Kash, and Arivu, compose and perform a new song, blended with a mash up of Vijay's classic dialogues and super hit songs.

- Speaking at the function, actress Varalaxmi said, "Four of my dreams have come true with this one single film called Sarkar - to work with Vijay sir, Murugadoss sir, Rahman sir, and Sun Pictures. All these four big dreams have come together in one film and it is a super excited feeling. I am a 'Thalapathy veriyan'.

- Varalaxmi also adds - "If anyone talks bad about him, I'd go to any extent to defend him, and I have fought for him on many occasions. For that matter, even Vijay sir saw me doing that during our Las Vegas schedule shoot when I argued with a foreigner for Vijay. It is a lovely film and I am very happy to be a part of this biggie."

- SAC calls his son, Vijay, as 'Thalapathy'. He recalls his proud father moment when a 75 year old man called him and said 'Sarkar Super'. 

- Lyricist Vivek is now up on the stage to give his speech - he is all praise for Vijay's fans extensive support. Vivek states that Vijay inspires his fans to be leaders (thalaivans), and not volunteers (thondans). Vivek also praises Vijay's socially caring attitude, recalling instances where he went to the Marina Beach for Jallikattu protests, and to Anitha's house post her unexpected suicide. 

- The film's heroine Keerthy Suresh says that she is a big Thalapathy fan, especially for the star's kind heartedness and humble nature. She earns the cheers of the fans while saying, "Adra Melatha, podra vediya. Naanga Diwali ku varrom." - Sarkar from Diwali.

- The film's leading ladies Varu and Keerthy enjoy to Thalapathy Vijay's super hit songs, that is being performed on the stage. 

- The audio launch of Sarkar launched in a very unique and special manner. There is no CD release with the entire team gathering on the stage. Instead, all the members present inside the auditorium including the thousands of Vijay fans connect to the free WiFi given at the event. Fans launch the songs of Sarkar digitally through their mobile phones. Wow, interestingly done! 

- The idea of launching the songs digitally through fans earns good support from the audience for the new ideation.

- Its time for Isai Puyal AR Rahman to talk! When asked why Vijay did not sing in Sarkar, ARR says, "We planned to make Vijay sing a song, I spoke to him on the phone but he felt that the song was too high and that we would do it soon. But the songs got released by that time." 

- Rahman addresses Vijay as 'Thalapathy' Vijay. AR Rahman launches a new foundation at the event, to do a research on the history of music, 3000 years of Tamil music's legacy. 

- When Rahman is asked how he stays young as always, ARR responds, "Unga hero kooda apdi dhane", addressing Thalapathy Vijay. Fans go crazy! 

- "As the head of a family, we face a lot of struggles and happiness. But we tell the family that we can come past it. We seek an energy from someone, and each person can be an energy. Choose love and spread positivity" - AR Rahman

- Producer Kalanithi Maran talks about the film. - "With Thalapathy's dance moves, the already super hit Simtaangaran song will become a mega hit at the theatres. Even I did not understand the lyrics of the song. The most humble people in the industry are Superstar Rajinikanth and Thalapathy Vijay."

- Kalanithi Maran is all praise for director A.R.Murugadoss for finishing the project inspite of a 1.5 months strike. He adds that ARM is a producer's delight. 

- "I want Vijay to act in a 3D film soon. Tamil Nadu's Thalapathy vijay should soon become all India's Thalapathy Vijay" - Kalanithi Maran

- Yogi Babu is all praise for Thalapathy Vijay. Says "Vijay anna is vera level"

- Director AR Murugadoss on to the stage now. "Vijay sir exceeded my expectations with both Thuppakki and Kaththi, and now, with Sarkar, he has gone a step further. He has given life to the character with his super acting. Vijay's character in Sarkar will connect with his real life. He will face challenges like he does, in the reality. His personal character would be reflected on the big screen. Vijay himself drove the bike overnight and went to Tuticorin during the Sterlite killings.", shared ARM, during his speech.

- He also added, "I cannot do a film like Sarkar with a normal hero and it definitely needs a big star. The dialogues have to come straight from the heart. I could see the pain of Vijay sir, when he delivered these dialogues while shooting. Vijay is like a weapon for me. This film has come straight from our hearts. We haven't just mocked the politicians, and there is lot more in the film. Sarkar will be a beerangi from us."

- Murugadoss also made an exciting announcement about the teaser by saying, "Sarkar teaser is getting ready for the fans. It is coming very soon to you all."

- At the end of his speech, as always, Murugadoss calls all of his assistant and associate directors to the stage and thanks the families of the ADs for supporting them. He says he took 18 hours of the ADs daily lives for the project.

- Post ARM's speech, magician SAC Vasanth performs some of his magical tricks. 

- The much awaited moment is finally here! Thalapathy Vijay's speech. 

To read the full speech of Thalapathy Vijay at the Sarkar audio launch, follow this link -