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The mystery regarding Thalapathy Vijay's upcoming movie began as early as the casting of the movie was revealed. With a dazzling star cast of Vijay Sethupathi, Malavika Mohan, Shanthnu Bhagyaraj, VJ Ramya Subramanian, Andrea Jeremiah, Gouri G Kishan, Tik Tok fame Lintu Rony, actress Kalyani Natarajan, Arjun Das, Dheena, Lallu, Nagendra Prasad, Srinath, Sanjeev amongst others, Vijay's 64th outing has an unpredictable air around it!

Vijay Vijay sethupathi Lokesh Kanagaraj's Master Oru Kutti Katha Shanthnu Bhagyaraj hints about meaning of song

When the first look of the movie released with a slightly distorted image of Thalapathy Vijay with a dazed look and his hand on his head helped us understand a small hint that Vijay's character may carry a bit of melancholy. The second look featured Vijay with a gesture of silence, standing in a crowd of people wearing his similar attire.

The third look was really the much expected, as it helped us have a glimpse of the touted antagonist - Vijay Sethupathi. Master third look featured a roaring Vijay and Vijay Sethupathi in an ultimate face-off. Now, Vijay's first single 'Oru Kutti Katha' has been announced. In this song title-reveal poster, Thalapathy Vijay holds a hip flask in a casual pose with headphones plugged in. Now, Check Shanthnu Bhagyaraj's tweet!

From Shanthnu's tweet, there arises a small doubt - Is he hinting from the sad look and the Jack Daniel in his hand, that the song will be a breakup song similar to Thalapathy's Vaanganna Vanakanganna song in Thalaivaa. Incidentally, this was also sung by Vijay, and the character was drunk during that particular song sequence. 

But to be sure, we would have to wait till the 14th of February 5 PM for the song's release - for the thick cloud of mystery surrounding 'Master' to clear a bit at least. Stay tuned to Behindwoods for more such interesting stories!

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