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Agni Siragugal is an upcoming action thriller flick which includes the cast of Vijay Antony along with Arun Vijay, Prakash Raj, Akshara Haasan, Raima Sen. The music is composed by Natarajan Sankaran. Agni Siragugal will be directed by Moodar Koodam Naveen, and produced by T Siva under the banner of Amma Creations.

Vijay Antony Arun Vijay's Agni Siragugal Producer explains why Akshara instead of Shalini Pandey

Cinematography of the movie will be handled by K A Batcha. The first schedule was filmed across the busiest lanes of Chennai and Kolkata, where high octane action sequences were filmed. Apparently, the second leg of shooting held at Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia followed by Almaty in Kazakhstan.

Also, this is the first ever time an Indian film is being shot in the locales of Kazakhstan, where audiences will get to see spellbinding visuals along with newfangled martial arts based action sequences, which is expected to be an impressive experience for the audience.

It is a known fact that Shalini Pandey was the first choice for the role of Viji in Agni Siragugal, which is now currently shot with Akshara Haasan. As per a voice note to the press, Producer T.Siva remarked thus: "Shalini Pandey was signed for this movie for a 100-day long shoot, and a 27-day shoot schedule was completed in Chennai and Kolkatta. The next set of shoot awaited the dates when both Vijay Antony and Arun Vijay were free, thus the movie’s progress had skidded to a halt of about 6 months. When approached after this, Actress Shalini Pandey mentioned about the unavailability of dates owing to her upcoming Bollywood film which she remarked to be her main priority. Therefore, we had to replace the actress with Akshara Haasan. we have also filed complaints in order to proceed the case legally to retrieve the funds that had gone into the shoot that involved the actress. This move is not directed at maligning Shalini Pandey in any way and she was prim and proper on set."

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