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Actors having huge fan base and being celebrated by fans for their stardom is very common and sometimes when it goes beyond limits, our stars do whatever is possible to ensure their fans’ safety and well being.

Video of Vijay requesting fans not to chase

Vijay is one of the actors who has one of the largest fanbase in Tamilnadu. In a recent video that went viral on the internet, the actor seemed to have experienced fan craze and his polite gesture is winning hearts.

A fan posted a video in twitter of Vijay's fans follwing him. When actor Vijay was on car to or from his shooting, he was followed in two wheelers by his fans who has known about him being in the car. Since they were racing up to the speed of the car, the actor who has understood the situation, lowered down the car window, requested his fans not to chase but to slow down and also asked them to not follow him at high speeds in a very polite and gentle way.

This attitude of the star and care towards his fans has pleased many people. The actor is currently shooting for Thalapathy 63 produced by AGS Entertainment, directed by Atlee. The movie stars Nayanthara, Kathir, Yogi Babu and others.