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Veteran G V Sharada joins Majid Majidi's Beyond The Clouds

International auteur Majid Majidi’s upcoming film Beyond The Clouds will have a new member in the form of veteran and respected South Indian actress GV Sharada on board. Based on human relationships, the film covers the nuances of an adorable brother-sister relationship that offshoots into many more interesting situational aspects - a style Majidi is well known for.

Coming from the family of the famous pioneer of South India's theatre movement - Gubbi Veranna, Sharada started her career with many theatre acts and gradually moved on to doing nearly 60 films in her career span. She was well known for being able to perform lengthy dialogue based and intensely emotional scenes with an incredible amount of ease and naturalness. She will be now essaying the character called Jhumpa in the film.


Talking about her joining the cast of such a prolific film, GV Sharada says, "I'm so glad to be making my come back after 15 years for a director who I consider as a cinematic God. I am extremely thrilled and looking forward to working with such a phenomenal team - both artists and technicians”.

Talking about GV Sharada's casting, Spokesperson from Zee Studios and Eyecandy Films say, "It was amazing to see such a seasoned actress have her level of enthusiasm. She went through the entire casting process just like anyone else wanting to do the role would - meetings, screen tests - the works. She was even asked to lose some weight which she took up and did with so much grace. For someone in her 70s, it is a mean feat but she was willing to make it all happen. We are delighted to have her as part of our film's cast which is now a wonderful blend of young pulsating energy and the depth and balance of experience."