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Varalaxmi records an emotional statement on Echcharikkai

A couple of weeks ago, director Sarjun who earlier rose to fame after the success of his short films Lakshmi and Maa, made his debut in feature films with Echcharikkai: Idhu Manidhargal Nadamaadum Idam.

This film has Sathyaraj, Varalaxmi, and Kishore playing the lead roles and Sundaramurthy KS handling the music. The film opened to a positive response from the critics and fans alike. 

Varalaxmi has now taken to Twitter to record an emotional and honest statement about the reviews that came for the film that she wasn't particularly happy about. Here's the statement:

"First and foremost I would like to thank my wonderful audience for having supported a small film like #Echarikkai.. thank you for watching it in a theatre and giving us an amazingly positive response.. The movie did not have huge stars, a famous music director,a big budget or even a fancy producer which makes a move a sure shot hit due to all the publicity it gets..But #echarikkai had people who worked hard with great conviction and who produced a lovely film with a msg that Money isn't Everything But thanks to the few reviewers who did their job, gave us an honest review and appreciated the film.. paid reviews apparently is the new thing which 1 jus got to know now.. and how if u don't they will write a crappy review.. and then of course there are reviewers who work for certain artists only and choose to attack the actor in the film and instead of reviewing the film reviews the make up He/She has worn.. apologies for that, bcos the movie was shot a year and half back and I'm humble enough to say that I'm still learning my ways in the industry.. With the amount of politics that goes on between a small distributor and big ones it's obvious who the better screens go to.. so much games and the only people to lose here are the people behind a true n honest film called#Echarikkai..

I write this so that more film don't get affected by all this nonsense
.. I urge and plead with the audiences don't base your opinion on film reviews, please go watch a film big or small and make your own decision..only you can Save Cinema.There are amazing movies being made.. don't be star struck go support small films as well.. they need you more than the giants in the industry are the only chance they have to succeed in their their ticket to success and happiness..thank you to everyone who still reviews movies honestly..It makes me genuinely happy when a small film does really well bcos of the audience..To the other reviewers thank u anyway.. God bless you too..A heartfelt thank you to all those fans of mine who have chosen to love me in every role that I do.. I promise you reviews or no reviews I will continue to work hard and surprise you.. muuahhh love you all..!!"