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Vanitha Vijayakumar clarifies on her daughter's kidnap controversy

Two days back, reports had come in stating that Vanitha Vijayakumar's girl child was kidnapped. However, within few hours it was clarified that she was not kidnapped and it was just a rumor.

We got in touch with Vanitha Vijayakumar over a phone conversation to know more about this issue. She opened up by saying, "The whole matter has been cooked up by Anand Rajan, my second husband. We got divorced, and it was decided that our child would be raised by him. He'd take care of her from Monday to Friday, and I will keep the child during the weekends. But, after some time, there was no contact between us, and I didn't know what to do. He changed his number, vacated his house, and there was no trace of him. I just had his email id, and hence I would mail every time to ask about the kid. However, no response came back.

One day, all of a sudden, my daughter called me asking me to take her back from Hyderabad. I got panicky and asked if she was safe, and she replied saying that she wasn't. I immediately took the flight to Hyderabad and got her back to Chennai. I even asked the police, not to make this a big issue.

Only after bringing her back here, I got to understand the pain of my kid. She has been crying daily, and she has been in a total depression mode feeling lonely. Anand least cared about this. Adding to all these, he has told false things about me to my daughter. I got to know all those only when she said after coming back to Chennai. I was shocked to see the kidnap news of my daughter, and about the FIR being filed. FIR has not been registered anywhere, and I have not come across it. The child is not kidnapped, and she is totally safe with me. All these stories were cooked up by Anand Rajan, and I am so worried and irritated by this.

I've enquired fully about him. He begs around to ten people using my child. And here, he blames me and makes false statements about me. I am having a tough time already, and these issues make it worse. I do not know, why he wants to make cheap publicity through all these matters. If my daughter comes out and speaks, I do not know where he will go and keep his face, because the girl talks so much about him and how he treated her. Doesn't he have any other job? Isn't this wrong? Defaming a person for one's personal gain and publicity? I just wonder how these people are going to die. God is there, and he will give the right punishments to people like him."

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