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The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house was left inconsolable after transgender model Namitha Marimuthu narrated her story of her struggles of being accepted as a transwoman by her parents and the society. Luxury budget task of 'Oru Kadha Sollatuma' continued to the fourth day of Bigg Boss where Namitha Marimuthu and Mathumitha came up on stage to talk about how the faced their fair share of struggles and rose up in life.

"Unna ingeye..." Namitha Marimuthu narrates the painful past of her; leaves BB house in tears

"I started noticing changes in my body after the age of 10. I wanted to look beautiful and liked people keeping bindi on me. My breasts started growing, but I brushed it off thinking it was because of my weight. My parents conducted a liposuction surgery on me to remove my breasts, but they started growing again. When I wore clothes which were considered feminine, to my cousin's puberty function, my parents and my relatives thrashed me hard and shouted at me to wear clothes like a man," she said.

Namitha said her parents branded her as a mentally challenged person, put her in a hospital and threatened to kill her. "I was waiting till I turned 18. I was thrown out of my house four times, but I had nowhere to go. Even when I was selected for modelling at a competition in college, my parents thrashed me brutally. I have been beaten up by many men for being a transgender. I was left bleeding on the road. They thrashed me so hard that it made me numb. Later, with a help of a police officer, I got a court judgement in my favour that I am above 18 and I can live my life the way I want. I transitioned, underwent sex reassignment surgery and told my parents firmly that I wanted to live my life as a woman."

Talking about her stint in modelling and beauty pageants, Namitha noted that her parents felt proud when she won the beauty contest in Koovagam village and that made her win many more pageants. "I won Miss Chennai, Miss Pondicherry three times, Miss Bangalore and went to spain to represent the country in beauty contests. There I was recognised for my beauty and started attending international contests to spread our country's culture and tradition." All the 17 contestants fell silent and emotional with her speech and many came to hug and her and provide support. She also added that she has acted in 25 films as a woman and that no one knows about it.

During the break, Iykki Berry and Raju Jeyamohan were involved in task made by Imman Annachi. The duo acted as lovers who met a shoe store after the lockdown. While Raju gave a tough competition, Iykki gave an equally tougher fight in the game. Post the break, fashion designer-cum-model Mathumitha went on stage to share her story. She spoke about how she fell into depression and had suicidal thoughts at one point in life and encouraged her teammates to talk it out if they battle with such issues.

Day four also saw an emotional moment between Pavni and Mathumitha as Pavni said she gets sensitive when people talk about her past. "For four to five years, I have lived thinking about him. I'm just surviving till death," she said.


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"Unna ingeye..." Namitha Marimuthu narrates the painful past of her; leaves BB house in tears

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