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Ulkuthu director Caarthick Raju talks about his film

Recently the teaser of Ulkuthu was released and it has been garnering good appreciation from people. We catch up with director Caarthick Raju who had earlier directed Thirudan Police.


What is Ulkuthu all about?

Ulkuthu is an action based script with more comedy and emotion. When I was doing Thirudan Police, we (me, Dinesh and Kenanya films) decided to work in another film.


In fish sales, there would be helpers who would be involved in cutting the fish. I had observed their mannerisms and wanted to do a story with them as the core. I have portrayed in the script the life of fish cutting boys, their emotions, fun, the local rowdies, and their gang, how they interfere in their life and the likes.


I felt Dinesh would perfectly fit the bill for this role. After Dinesh agreed, I started writing the script. I share a good rapport with him and there is nothing called ego between us. We had fun working with each other.


Balasaravanan and Nanditha
Bala had worked in Thirudan Police and in Ulkuthu also he will take charge of humor throughout. I liked Nanditha’s performance in Attakathi as Dinesh’s pair. And so I fixed her as the heroine in Ulkuthu.


Dhillip Subbarayan
Although he has done a small role in Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, in my film, he has done a full-fledged role. There are many action blocks in the film which would be different. He was working in Theri then, but he used to juggle shoots. To be very honest, he has more work in this film than me. He had to conceive action scenes and also feature in it.


Sharath Lohitashwa of Pandia Nadu fame is the antagonist in the film. His role will be much spoken about. He played his role hard as well as subtle way. There would be variations.


Other cast members

Chaaya Singh, Sriman, John Vijay have also done their part well. It will not be a film just based on hero. Everybody will be given equal importance.

A hero’s role will come out well only if it’s complemented by a powerful villain and a humorous comedian and in that sense Ulkuthu will have it in perfect proportions.


Technical Team

DoP PK Varma- I liked his work in Cuckoo and decided that I will use his services in my next film. Editor Praveen KL had worked in Thirudan Police. He is a senior person and his judgment was better than mine. We used to have discussions and his inputs were very helpful to the film.  


Sound mixing is very important in a film and Four Frames Udhaykumar helped me in this segment. There are many scenes under water and Udhay’s contribution was very very integral to the film. For music composer Justin Prabhakaran this will be a commercial film and he has given his best


USP of Ulkuthu
Visuals, making style and the story of Ulkuthu are its USPs which are going to work in favor of the film.


Current update
Post production is in its final stages. Abi and Abi are releasing the film and they have plans to release the film in mid-August.


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Ulkuthu director Caarthick Raju talks about his film

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