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Nerkonda Paarvai is a Tamil legal drama directed by H. Vinoth. The film stars Ajith Kumar, Shraddha Srinath, Delhi Ganesh, Andrea Tariang and Rangaraj Pandey in crucial roles. This Yuvan Shankar Raja-musical is shot by acclaimed lensman Nirav Shah. The film is an adaptation of the 2016 Hindi film Pink, and Ajith Kumar is reprising the role of an ageing lawyer played by Amitabh Bachchan in the original.

Trailer review of Ajith Kumar’s Nerkonda Paarvai directed by H. Vinoth

Though the trailer carries some shades of the original, the camerawork in here is more static and stabilised, in contrast with the shaky, handheld cinematography of the original. Ajith's character comes with a less-composed demeanour. Shraddha Srinath portrays the agony of a vicitimised woman with aplomb. Yuvan Shankar Raja's score heightens our tension from the start and ends on a rousing note. The music gives more thriller-vibes without being sombre and mellow.

However, the film gives a completely different and unexpected take than the original at the end. The trailer is cut with seamless transitions. The film has shown some glimpses of the perfomances and plot without revealing too much. The sodium-yellow bathed night exteriors gives an eerie feel. One can surely expect a high octane ensemble performance in this legal drama. Nerkonda Paarvai has a vibrant visual palette as opposed to the desaturated, gritty look in the original. Hence, the film cannot be considered as a page-by-page remake

One of the most highlight moments of the  trailer is the scene when Ajith's character says "To prove loyalty to one person, why humiliate another". This line goes on to prove that H. Vinoth is one of the finest dialogue writers of present day Tamil cinema. Nerkonda Paarvai is produced by Boney Kapoor under the banner Bayview Projects LLP. The film is slated to release on August 10.