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Tirupur Subramanian talks about Kurangu Bommai's show reduction in theatres

After a few reports about Kurangu Bommai's reduction in the show count through out the state, Distributor Tirupur Subramanian has lashed out at the team for blaming the theater owners for the fall in the number of shows. In a WhatsApp audio file he said the following:

"I've been reading the news, and I see people talk about Kurangu Bommai being removed from the theaters. Director Bharathiraja says that it is an excellent film and it has been withdrawn. The hero of the movie, Viddharth says that the movie is very good, but all the theaters have reduced the shows. Why are they accusing only the theater owners of this? Didn't they get anybody else? Even I saw the film a few days before its release, and it truly is a very good film, and they asked me to release it for them. So through my distribution office, I told them I would do it for them, and they waited for 1-2 months to fix a proper release date.

They decided upon the release date because only Puriyatha Puthir was coming out on that day. So, we released it for them, and in Coimbatore area, in about 26 theaters we fixed it for 4 shows a day. We played it in the best theaters all over. But the occupancy on Friday, Saturday and even on Sunday, it did not pick up. The audience was meager. I played 28 shows in 7 days. Not even one day the occupancy crossed 100 audiences. Will the makers never look at collections? How can we run the film if there is no audience? We promoted it as much as possible, but if it doesn't run, we are the reason? The audience comes only for big hero films and zero-logic films; They should ask them why this movie did not run."

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Tirupur Subramanian talks about Kurangu Bommai's show reduction in theatres

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