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The internet is firing up with the first-look and the title of Thalapthy63 which is revealed to be 'Bigil'. The name Bigil is the name of the younger Vijay who is seen in the sporty outfit with the football, the character's name was revealed by us long before the release of the poster. The poster features Thalapathy Vijay in two get-ups, father and son which was also revealed way before the official first-look.

Thalapathy Vijay's Bigil by Atlee first look poster and title breakdown

Coming to the first-look poster, the picture throws north madras vibes all around and the place in the poster can easily be perceived as a fish market. The duo are in the middle of a narrow market lane which is presumably the area they live in. The iconic pose of son standing behind his father sitting sitting in a chair kind of reminds us of the classic Thevar Magan.

Now firstly, the properties in the background and the details:

*The poster consists of dried fishes (Karuvaadu) in their iconic style of packing in the background and also relatively fresh fishes hanging in the left corner.

*The lights in the backgrounds, typical lights used in many markets then, but now many have shifted to the latest LED's even in remote areas, hence the film or this shot in particular could be in a little earlier period than now. Also, the lights are turned on, hint at dawn, as the little shade of yellow in the sky is found at the bottom.

*The typical blue drums, thermocol boxes and the sheet covered roofs all hint at Royapuram, Kasimedu and other popular North-Chennai fish markets.

The looks and expressions by Thalapathy:

*The younger Vijay in the sporty outfit, defines his character as a football player. He is said to be donnig the role of a football coach and his pose tossing the ball looks stylish and casual.

*The father, who reflects the north madras vibe all over, looks serious and sharp, which is seen from the angle of his eyeball, intensely. With that rustic look and the sickle in the front, the swag pose only conveys 'you do not want to mess with me'. The Kungumam, old styled double pocket shirt, sandal color dhoti, and the classic sandals are the templates of the big-shot in their locality. This character can be identified as a man who is very intact with his surrounding culture, who is confident with his stand and his strength reflects in his look. This strong character of Thalapathy will surely be a unique one and a fan favorite, like that of Vetrimaaran in Mersal.

The words in both, English and the Tamil poster seem to be in a light crimson red tone and the dots in the letters, seems to be like a football with fire in it's backside, indicating how important the sport is in this film. The overall color tone in the poster is on the darker side, most colours are warm probably indicating how strong and fierce the characters are. The younger Vijay is covered in red and black and also the ball is also completely red and black, symbolizes that the ball is a part of him.  The second look poster of Bigil is expected to release tonight 12AM. Stay tuned for further updates, breaking news and breakdowns like this.