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Ajith Kumar is one of the top actors of the Tamil film industry. He has acted in over 50 films, and is currently working on his 60th film - Valimai. He is fondly called Thala Ajith, and has a huge fan base, owing to his impressive performances and humility. His social media presence is one of the main requests of his fans.

Thala Ajith issues official clarification about news Ajith joins Social media

Recently, a news had been circulating on social media that Ajith has joined social media, and a letter on his behalf announcing the same was trending. According to the letter, it said that owing to the request of the fans, Ajith had taken the decision to enter social media again.

Now Ajith has issued a press note - a legal notice officially, in which he has made his stand clear on this matter. The letter goes thus: "PUBLIC NOTICE: We are the legal counsels for Actor Shri. Ajith Kumar (herein after referred to as "our client") and we hereby issue this notice under his instructions and on his behalf.

It has come to our client's notice that there is a letter dated 6th March 2020 purportedly written by him, which has been posted on social media stating that he has decided to re-join social media and would have an official account. It is shocking to note that the said letter has been printed on a fake letter head with our client's name and bears his forged signature.

Our client would like to issue this present notice to categorically state that the aforementioned letter has not been issued by our client and the contents of the letter are denied.

Our client has issued a public notice in the past and has on repeated occasions maintained that he does not have any social media accounts and that he does not have or support any official fan page on any stream of social media.

Our client reiterates that:

a). He does not have any official social media account.

b). He does not intend on joining any social media platform.

c). He does not endorse or support any fan page or group on any stream of social media.

d). He has not issued this fake letter stating that he would be joining social media.

Finally, our client would like to state that necessary and appropriate legal action would be taken to the fullest extent possible against the perpetrator who issued the false notice and forged our client's signature." So the letter states. So Thala Ajith has made it clear that he has no intentions of joining social media. 

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