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TFPC (Tamil Film Producers’ Council) has been facing a lot of issues lately and the recent General Body Members meeting that was planned on May 1 has been cancelled now by its Special officer.

TFP meet cancelled, set back for Vishal, High court cancels TFPC's request

Following allegations that the TFPC board consisting of Vishal and others have been irregular at management, the Tamil Nadu government appointment of a Special Officer N.Sekar to maintain its operations.

There was a General Body Members meeting that was supposed to be held on May 1, 2019 to address the ongoing issues in the TFPC which has been now cancelled by the Special Officer N.Sekar who has been appointed by the TN government.

Vishal and team appealed to the court to have a stay on the appointment of Special officer.
While the Madras High Court has now rejected this appeal of having a stay on the officer, it has also stated the special officer N.Sekar will continue his position in the TFPC.