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Teaser of Arjun's Nibunan

Nibunan happens to be actor Arjun’s 150th film. The teaser has some really good positives. Arjun who plays a cop looks young as ever. The racy teaser has a crisp edit by Satish Surya. Arjun’s team includes actors Prasanna and Varalaxmi. All of it seems to be to find a psychotic serial killer who is responsible for a series of murders.

This action packed thrilling teaser has intriguing music by Navin.S and cinematography by Arvind Krishna also uplifts the teaser. Nibunan by director Arun Vaidyanathan, is sure to watch out for as it seems to have a fresh packaging of murders by a psycho and how Arjun and team hunt down the killer seems to be the crux. It is clear that masking and killing are modes used by this killer and with the right blend of content and commercial aspects, Nibunan will be an exciting watch.

Surprisingly, one shot portrays actor Vaibhav clicking a selfie at the fag end of this teaser. What is Vaibhav’s role in Nibunan? It would be interesting to know but we shall have to wait till the film releases to find out. On the whole, Nibunan looks very promising and appears true to it’s genre from the looks of the teaser.


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Teaser of Arjun's Nibunan

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