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Taramani hero Vasanath Ravi talks about the film

Director Ram’s Taramani features Andrea along with debutant Vasanth Ravi. The trailer of the film had showcased Vasanth as a possessive lover. We catch up with the actor to find out more.

The journey to Taramani

I always wanted to act. It's been my passion ever since my childhood. In order to pursue the skills necessary for becoming an actor I went to Mumbai and enrolled myself in an acting school. I came back to Chennai to try my luck in Tamil films. I went through lots of auditions and met a couple of directors, but nothing materialized. In the meantime, I was following up with director Ram, but at that point of time he did not have the script that had a suitable role for me. So he gave a promise that "If any character that is suitable for you ever comes in my mind, will definitely give you a call".

I went on to meet new directors and producers in the industry but in vain. To continue learning and refining myself as an actor, I enrolled in another acting school in Chennai. I again tried for roles in Tamil cinema but there was no success. That’s’ when I took up employment with Apollo Hospitals as executive operations manager.

It was one fine day, after finishing my work, I got a call from Ram sir saying that he found a script and I would be playing the lead. It was indeed a dream come true as he offered me to play the lead role in Taramani. I was very lucky and my dreams towards becoming an actor were made into a reality. Thanks to Ram sir for this start in my journey to become an actor.

How was it working in Taramani?
It was one of the most memorable experiences I had working in Taramani. I was very enthusiastic. I became a big fan of Ram sir ever since I saw Katradhu Thamizh. It was like someone heard my dream and put me to work with him. Ram sir is like a University especially for an actor. He is very simple, down-to-earth, easy to move with and above all a wonderful human being. I am gifted to have worked with him and learnt so much.

Andrea is an experienced artist. She absolutely has no ego or airs or attitude about her. She is simple to move with. She also would appreciate if I had done something nice.   

The trailer reveals a very possessive man. Are you like that in real life too? How much of it you relate to that character?
No, No No! It is normal for people to feel possessive but they may not admit it. But the mindset of that character (in the film) is totally different. He comes from a Koovam village and comes to work in a call centre. He looks at the city in a different way. When a boy is friends with a girl, he looks at her differently, but once she becomes his lover, his perspective about her changes. As regards his lover’s dressing, he may offer his opinion, not because he feels that way but he wants to shield her from the world. It is automatic for any man to feel insecure because today, women have male friends too.

What is the feedback from the trailer?
After the release of the trailer, there are many men who have come to me and said- “Boss, it’s just like what happened in my life. Just like the bike scene, I have also shouted at my girlfriend. I have also blackmailed my girlfriend”. These things happen, but people won’t admit.


What was the reaction from women?
Girls also liked the trailer and they said it is the truth and that’s the reason they have come out of their relationships. They were also able to appreciate and recall what happened to them. The relatability factor helped the trailer gain a good reach. Such things are common in the life of married people too.


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Taramani hero Vasanath Ravi talks about the film

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