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CS Amudhan is the popular Tamil Spoof film director who directed Tamil Padam and Tamil Padam 2. Both the films feature actor Shiva in the lead roles who took the Tamil Padam franchise with his tailor-made spoof humour.

Tamizh Padam movie director CS Amudhan signs his next with Vijay antony

As of yet, he has done 3 films, and has now announced that he has added one more project to the list, with Vijay Antony as the lead.

Actor Vijay Antony has lined up a promising league of movies like Kodiyil Oruvan and Khaki, which have already raised the bars of expectations. With both these movies backed by Infiniti Film Ventures garnering big expectations, the production house and actor collaborate for a new project, an edge-of-thriller directed by CS Amudhan.

Here's what Vijay Antony has to say about the project: "When director CS Amudhan narrated the script, I was completely astonished to see him shifting the paradigms from sensational spoof-based movies to thriller zone. As a matter of fact, I could see his erstwhile image eclipsing from the moment he started narrating this story. I am sure the audience will celebrate him a filmmaker in the Thriller genre also after the film’s release.”

It has been learnt that currently, the film is in the pre-production phase, and an official announcement on others in the cast and crew can be expected very soon. The film is produced Kamal Bohra, Lalitha Dhananjayan, Pradeep B, and Pankaj Bohra of Infiniti Film Ventures.


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Tamizh Padam movie director CS Amudhan signs his next with Vijay antony

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