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The key members of the Tamil Nadu Film Producers Advisory Council and the Theatre Association together had met the Information and Publicity Minister, Kadambur Raju to present important concerns with regards to the Producers and Exhibitors yesterday, September 6th.

Tamil Nadu Film Producers Advisory Council and Theatre Association members shares good news for movie buffs

They had come up with various new steps that will help producers, exhibitors and public benefit. According to producer and one of the advisory committee member of TFPC,  J Sathish Kumar, The theatres in Tamil Nadu will soon be computerized and the amount that would be collected at the end of the day would be sent to a common server. Through the initiatives taken by the state government for online booking of the movie tickets, they have come up with a plan of regulating the movie ticket prices as well. Not only the movie tickets, the price of food and beverages in the theatres are also said to be regulated.

There were discussions held to control online booking charges too, as currently there are separate online booking charges for each ticket, which is proposed to be changed to per transaction and not per ticket.

The officials have agreed to look at the proposal to increase of the number of allowed shows in Tamil Nadu considering the runtime of films, it can be played 5 or 6 times. By the end of this year, the government is planning to computerize all the theatres in Tamil Nadu.