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Tamil Cinema's influence on Swathi Murder case

Since 24th June, the Swathi murder case has been the talk of the tow. In one hand it has teared off the “safest city” mask that Chennai sported for a long time now while on the other hand humanity has been questioned.


Yesterday, 1st July Tamil Nadu police has arrested the alleged culprit, Ramkumar from Nellai. As of now he is accused of being a stalker who murdered the girl as she did not reciprocate to his interest.


We at Behindwoods wonder how much of Tamil cinema has influenced this case. We have seen multiple films where the hero stalks the heroine and also goes on to singing songs with bashing lyrics, if she turned his proposal down. 


Sometimes one might lethargically think that such lyrics or act in films is only reel and it has no influence on real lives. With Swathi’s incident, is it a kind of indication that nothing of this form can be dealt lethargically?


Speaking on the same lines, singer Srinivas had the following message posted on his Facebook profile;


“Now that the Swathi case suspect has been nabbed and it is pointing towards stalking, will our genius Tamil film directors refrain from glorifying stalking and be realistic in their love stories..”


Let each and every one of us realize the responsibility we hold towards influencing this society!



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Tamil Cinema's influence on Swathi Murder case

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