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Taapsee apologizes for the coconut controversy involving Raghavendra Rao

We had reported a few days ago about the coconut controversy of Taapsee. The Aadukalam girl in one of her panel discussions, had made funny remarks about director Raghavendra Rao who introduced her in Telugu movie industry with the film Jhummandi Naadam. She had apparently made fun of how the director used coconut in her midriff for a sensuous, romantic number. The link of the news is as follows

This had obviously not gone well with many who felt that Taapsee should not have made such an ingratitude comment. Tapsee was quick to apologize in her social media page through a video, an excerpt of which is stated below


“A couple of days ago, I was in a panel where I talked about how a middle-class person has turned into a celebrity now and how life is changed after that. But some things never change. I did not intend to hurt anyone by doing that. But I realized it has happened because of the comments or messages I read after that. It took me a little while to understand what did I say wrong because I thought in the entire panel, all I did was to make fun of myself, of how unfit I was in the industry and how I was clueless about what was happening in the industry. I thought that’s what I mentioned, but apparently, it didn’t get conveyed, as a lot of people have been hurt. For me what really mattered was how the person in question was feeling about it. So, I really want to apologize if I have hurt anyone’s sentiments. But trust me, I did not intend to. I really wanted to make fun of my own self and nothing else because I feel it is great if we can laugh at your own self. But, if in the process, by mistake or unintentionally that I have hurt anyone’s feelings, I am really sorry. It is not in my upbringing that I will hurt anyone who is such an important part of my journey. Raghavendra Rao garu has been the reason why I have been here in the first place because that’s where I started from and I can never forget that. It is just strange that how could everyone take it in a way that I have insulted him because I have not and I will never. That’s not what my intention was. If it has hurt anyone, I am really sorry. It was not that I wanted to go out there and make fun of anyone but me. So, I am very sorry if I had hurt anyone.”


Taapsee apologizes for the coconut controversy involving Raghavendra Rao

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