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Suriya's speech at Kadugu press meet

Vijay Milton's Kadugu is all set to hit the screens on the 24th March. The film will be released by Suriya under his production banner 2D Entertainment. Team Kadugu held a press meet today (14th March) in Chennai. Celebrities like Suriya took part in the event.

Speaking at the function, Suriya said, “The happy life that my family and I are enjoying is all because of cinema. So what can I give back to cinema? I see 2D Entertainment as a reply to this question. 2D will try to make good films to reach the audience, movies that even I don’t act. Till now I had the courage to only produce films through 2D like Pasanga, 36 Vayathinile, Magalir Mattum and 24. I find a soul in a lot of small budget films, and I have been in such films in the past. Though I could not afford to do such films now, I feel privileged to associate myself with a soulful small budget film like Kadugu. I watched the movie, and it is a beautiful new attempt and thought of releasing it. I am only a bridge between a good product and the audience. I always like character driven stories and get immediately attached to such movies like Nandha. But sometimes you come with stories that you really want to do without calculating anything about how the film will run and who are target audience, the best example is Vaaranam Aayiram. Kadugu is one such film that comes without any expectation. It will satisfy you in all aspects. Seeing Bharath’s role in the film surprised me; how he agreed to act in it? No one has treated Kadugu like a regular flick.

There is one a reason why I am attached to this film. Recently I met a person; he told me to self-evaluate. He asked me how the general public would rate me on a scale of 1 to 10. I told him a score, and then he asked me how would I rate myself. I generally rate myself a little less. He then told me that you have to respect yourself. Only when you like yourself, the  world will like you. That was a valuable lesson that I learned, and I felt happy to see thoughts like that being dealt in Kadugu which I think will connect it with the audience as well. Kadugu is not just that, and it has a lot more.”

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Suriya's speech at Kadugu press meet

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