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Superstar Rajinikanth's interaction with Shankar's associate director in 2point0

Superstar Rajinikanth is always known to have encouraged the budding talents and youngsters who aspire to achieve big in Kollywood. Likewise, Murali Manohar, associate director of Shankar in 2.0, has shared an interesting interaction which he had with Superstar during the dubbing of 2.0.

His social media post is as follows:

" 'Murali, when are you planning to direct your first film,' the unexpected question came from Superstar. I told him, 'very soon,' without knowing what to reply at that moment.

'Are you scripting now?' another question followed, and I answered, 'Yes sir,' without any realization.

He thought for a few seconds and got back with a reply. 'Don't rush and be fast. Your short film, Karna Motcham spoke for you and showed your potential. That film's impact is still left over with me. Do the film soon.'

I didn't know, whether to do my first film very soon or patiently work on the script and do it, as Superstar said. But, I was able to see a true affection in those words that came from him. It was so heartwarming to me. Thank you, Rajini sir. Loads and loads of thanks to my guru and well-wisher Shankar sir."

These words from Rajinikanth must definitely be a motivating moment for Murali Manohar.

Superstar Rajinikanth's interaction with Shankar's associate director in 2point0

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