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The motion poster for the movie Pattampoochi starring Jai and Sundar C has been released.

Sundar c jai pattaampoochi thriller motion poster

Sundar C is a successful commercial director in Tamil cinema for more than 25 years. He has given hit films with leading actors like Rajini, Kamal and Ajith. In between he rose to prominence as an actor and is now focusing on both acting and directing.

Sundar C made his acting debut in the film Thalainagaram, directed by his assistant Suraj while he was the lead director. The film was a huge success due to the screenplay and the response to Vadivelu's comedy scenes. After the success of that film he started acting as a protagonist in many films. 

Sundar c jai pattaampoochi thriller motion poster

Following the success of his acting chops, he began to focus more on directing again. Since then he has been directing several films in a row. 

Currently, the motion poster of the movie Pattampoochi starring him and Jai has been released and is gaining attention on the internet. In this poster Sundar C is created to be in the role of the police, as Jai is playing the negative character. The film is directed by Badri, Sundar C's assistant. The film stars Sundar C in the thriller genre, which usually focuses on comedy films. The film is set to release in May.

Sundar c jai pattaampoochi thriller motion poster

Looks like Jai is playing a negative character in this movie. Jai, who got his big break with Chennai 600028, made his film debut with Bhagavati, became a leading actor with hit films like Subramaniyapuram, Engeyum Eppothum and the like. Sundar C has already starred in the animated film 2 and currently in the untitled film. The movie 'Pattampoochi' starring the two together has caught the attention of the fans.


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Sundar c jai pattaampoochi thriller motion poster

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