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Sunaina talks about her role in Srikanth's Nambiar

Nambiar directed by debutant Ganeshaa hits the screen tomorrow the 19th of August. The film is the maiden production venture of actor Srikanth who has also doubled up as the hero with Sunaina as the heroine.  Sunaina talks about her role in the film.


My role
I play a very regular simple girl Saroja Devi in Nambiar. It is about how I get into a situation where the character played by Srikanth starts acting weird. She does not know that Srikanth has a negative voice in his head and that voice has a face which is Santhanam. This kind of mind voice is something that everyone deals with in our life. This is the concept of the film. The situations that I face in the film are complicated and funny. It would be super interesting.  


I did not have scenes with Santhanam but you will find a link between my character and Santhanam.


Working with Srikanth was super fun. He is also the producer. It was interesting to see him take on two roles. But he was very calm.


USP of Nambiar
It is the entire team and the script. This is such a fun concept and everyone will face this, the mind voice which is there in every one of us. This point will be relatable to people. Normally, if a voice in the mind keeps on telling you things, it could be a little creepy but this is shown in a comical manner.


Wishing Sunaina and the Team Nambiar the best!



Jyothsna Bhavanishankar


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Sunaina talks about her role in Srikanth's Nambiar

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