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Southern super star Nayanthara enters the beauty retail space with a unique venture, an omnichannel retail brand, that is poised to be the World's largest lip balm collection - THE LIP BALM COMPANY™

South Superstar Nayanthara joins hands with The Lip Balm Company

Ringing in the collaborative project, together with renowned dermatologist, Dr Renita Rajan. Nayanthara ventures into the beautyprenuer domain with a very different offering, a brand that would only carry lip balms, but just 100 of them, making it the world's largest lip balm collection, ever! Nayanthara says that the key aspects she looks for in her own personal care products, are high performance and safety, values which she feels, are in the DNA of the lip balms at THE LIP BALM COMPANY™

South Superstar Nayanthara joins hands with The Lip Balm Company

Making sure that the lip balms are effective and, most importantly, safe, Dr Renita Rajan says, what started as a project to treat sensitive lips, and create the perfect lip balm, ended up growing to be a stand alone product line. Not only are the lip balms able to plump, lift, soften, brighten, and smoothen the lips, the interesting neurocosmetics can even give a sense of wellness and generate brain chemicals that can uplift the mood, and enhance lip characteristics.

It is this uniqueness that appealed to Nayanthara, who was looking for a product that is beyond usual, for her foray into the cosmetics and personal care product domain. It was at quick decision, right after she picked up the first TLBC lip balm from Dr Rajan. Nayanthara believes in a no compromise stance when it comes to her skincare and product usage, and with THE LIP BALM COMPANYTM, the outlook is an ideal mix of fun and functionality.

South Superstar Nayanthara joins hands with The Lip Balm Company

With the high functionality coming in as a result of a dermatologist formulated product, the fun part is the very vast range of products, each with interesting and unique elements. There are product lines dedicated to repairing the lips, and plumping them. As well as product ranges made from oceanic elements, biodegradable and vegan plant derivatives, and the product itself is cased in recyclable wood. The insulation, keeps the product safe and effective, without adding preservatives, so all the product lines are preservative free. Similarly, there are no added artificial colours, most products are made of minimally processed natural raw materials, whose original colours are retained. The product ranges. called Edhazh and Niram, represent pure plant extracts and naturally coloured lip balms, respectively. With over 12 ranges, THE LIP BALM COMPANYTM is expected to drop new variants literally every week all through the coming year.

The initial launch variants are based on the goodness of Calendula in apple and chocolate flavours belonging to the LIPrepareTM range. Also launching on December 10th, are a unique range of tea based lip balms, called Ooh-TeaTM, with more exciting rollouts for the New Year at THE LIP BALM COMPANYT™. We are truly proud of this creative range of lip balms, is bound to resonate with people who are looking for something extraordinary, just like I do, says Nayanthara. Dr Renita adds, Using a lip balm is an everyday healthy habit, and our lip balms put the fun into an essential daily habit.

They conclude, 'We are very happy to present THE LIP BALM COMPANY™, we are sure people are really going to enjoy using the products from the TLBC!"

Website: https://thelipbalmco.in/

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South Superstar Nayanthara joins hands with The Lip Balm Company

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