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Sonu Sood's sons venture into short filmmaking

Eshaan and Ayaan, Bollywood star Sonu Sood's children who are still school-going kids, have reportedly already taken the first step venturing into the film industry. The kids have apparently already started making short films and have also begun subtitling them using their software on their personal computers. Both Eshaan and Ayaan, along with their friends from the same residential complex, shoot their videos inside their apartments and edit and show them to Sonu.

''One of my friends had asked me if I knew someone who could subtitle videos. My son heard that and asked for the video. Since he's just a teenager and was younger then, I didn't take him seriously. But when I saw his subtitled video, I was stunned because, for his age and experience, it was pretty cool. From that day onwards, both my children, along with other kids from the society, have been shooting videos and doing some post-production work on them on their own. They use one of my other flats in the building for that'', said the proud dad, Sonu.

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