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Sneha extends her support to the Malayalam actress who was a victim of molestation

Over the past few days, we have seen a lot of celebrities come in support of the Malayalam actress who was subjected to molestation in Kerala. Today, actress Sneha has issued a statement to show her distress on such evil acts.

"I am deeply disturbed, agonized and hurt at what had happened to my colleagues Bhavana and Varalakshmi.At the outset! extend my whole hearted support to them and greatly appreciate their courage and mature bent of mind in handling the situation and talking about it in the open. Everyday we come across incidents of girls from any strata of society ,facing sexual abuse,rape,assaults and molestations.Many of the victims fail to speak out their minds ,because, the society,which they form a part of,in most cases,blames the girl for such a dastardly act!The so-called' moral preachers 'and 'cultural police' teach girls how to dress up,where to go,whom to go with and finally brand them ,based on their compliance with these 'Code of Conduct'.I want to know,on the same note,what these 'moral preachers' and 'cultural police'have got to say,when the perverts do not spare even very young children,who don't even understand what is happening to them!How long are we going to be mute spectators of 3 year old babies and 7 year old kids getting abducted,abused and thrown into the garbage?Oh My God!My heart breaks into pieces,seeing the devastating pictures of what such innocent children have ended up like!As a mother,I feel the pain ,that parents of such innocent children would be going through, every minute of their lives. What went wrong?We belong to a land which calls her 'Mother India'; the rivers bear the name of women;Goddesses are worshipped with the same amount of faith and fervour as for Gods.Scriptures tell us that even God gave equal half of Himself to His woman!We have read stories of how a woman burnt a kingdom because of the injustice meted out to her husband.Womanhood was hailed in many ways.Those days are gone - the days when women held their head high and lived with dignity sound like a thing of the distant past.What a shame!!! Now is the time - time to be determined to fight against such beastly acts - time to fight so that women get back their respect - time to ensure that women feel safe and secure,like before - and most importantly - time to frame laws that cannot be tampered with and which would instil a strong sense of fear in the minds of any man who even dares to think of abusing a girl child ever. We certainly do not want any more Nirbhayas,Nandinis,Rithikas,Hasinis and many such unfortunate victims.We want justice. We want respect.We want to win back our right to live with dignity. Through this outpouring, I want to assert that I shall take a small ,but an IMPORTANT and FIRM step,in this issue.As a mother,I take a vow,that I shall teach my son to look at women with respect and treat them with lot of dignity that they amply deserve
With a heart laden with
disgust,sorrow and anguish..."

Your Sneha....a WOMAN.

*Sneha's statement is not spell-checked!

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Sneha extends her support to the Malayalam actress who was a victim of molestation

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