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SJ Suryah, Dharani, Bharathan, SAC and other directors talk about Vijay

Vijay has worked hard to attain the position that he has now but one cannot forget the contributions of the directors who helped him in this process. We selected a simple set of questions and asked some of the film-makers who had directed Vijay in the past. Check out their striking replies below:

1. Favourite Vijay film

SA Chandrasekhar - Thuppakki
Bharathan - Ghilli
Neason - Kaadhalukku Mariyadhai
SJ Suryah - Thuppakki
John Mahendran -  Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai
Dharani - Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai
Ramana - Ghilli

2. Favourite characteristic of Vijay

SA Chandrasekhar - He achieves everything that he wishes but he does that silently
Bharathan - Humble, grounded and courteous
Neason - Patience
SJ Suryah - Sincerity and simplicity
Ramana - Discipline

Dharani- His mischievous smile 

John Mahendran-Sincerity

3. One thing that Vijay could improve?

SA Chandrasekhar - He needs more self-thinking
Bharathan - Nothing in specific but he should set bigger goals and continue to break them
Neason - Vijay is an introvert and takes some time to get along with new person
SJ Suryah - He does not have any flaws because he knows his flaws and he knows how to overcome them
John Mahendran - Emotional sequences. He is good right now but he has a larger potential to better in these sequences
Dharani - Now he is 100%, I want him to reach 1000%
Ramana - He should act in more offbeat films

4. What type of films you want Vijay to do?

SA Chandrasekhar - I want to see him in different flavors but he needs to be a commercial hero
Bharathan - He is a master of all genres, so I want him to do a film that contains many flavors
Neason - An out and out comedy film which he has not tried yet. But if he does such a film, it would be superb.
SJ Suryah - An out and out action film and a sentiment film too
John Mahendran - I would like Vijay to do a Casanova kind of a role, a harmless flirt types
Dharani - I would like Vijay to do a Baasha kind of film
Ramana - I would like Vijay to be like Amitabh Bachchan who could do a Sholay on one side and also do a performing role like in Piku.

5. Describe Vijay in one word

SA Chandrasekhar - Man of discipline
Bharathan - Simplicity
Neason - Good human being
SJ Suryah - The star, the one and only star
John Mahendran - You will meet him as an actor but you will end up as his friend
Dharani - Good human being
Ramana - Sincerity is another word for Vijay

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SJ Suryah, Dharani, Bharathan, SAC and other directors talk about Vijay

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