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Sivakarthikeyan, Samantha and Nivin Pauly to release Kathir's Sigai trailer

Kathir’s performance as Pulli in the recently released Vikram Vedha was much appreciated. The poster of his film Sigai which was released earlier had created a lot of buzz and an expectation for the film. Sigai is dubbed in Telugu and Malayalam and the trailers of Tamil, Malayalam and the Telugu versions will be unveiled by Sivakarthikeyan, Nivin Pauly and Samantha respectively, this evening.


Talking about the same, Kathir says, “The entire story is happening in 24 hours time and we don’t want to reveal much in the trailer. Therefore, we have cut the trailer accordingly.


I showed the trailer to Siva anna, Nivin sir and Samantha ma’am. It is easy to launch a trailer by a single person, but when three artists will have to do this at the same time, it is a little different. At first, I was not sure if it was possible, whether they would agree to do this or not. But when I met them, they immediately agreed. We are doing this in three languages.  


Sivakarthikeyan upon seeing the trailer said that since he had seen the poster, he had expected something else. But the trailer was very intense and different, he added. He opined that the trailer incites curiosity to see the film and lauded that we have cut the trailer very well. I showed Nivin Pauly the business trailer. He also liked it and had good words for us. Samantha felt the trailer was very interesting.


We are planning to release the film in August depending upon the releases of other big films.  The trend of positive response for content rich films, even if they are small budgeted with fairly known cast, is really hopeful. And hence, we are optimistic that Sigai will have good feedback".

Sivakarthikeyan, Samantha and Nivin Pauly to release Kathir's Sigai trailer

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