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Sivakarthikeyan’s recent film was Seemaraja which had a big star cast including Samantha, Simran, Soori and others. The film was released on September 13, 2018 and performed well in the box office as it received great support from the family audience.

Sivakarthikeyan Film Seemaraja sets a new record by having highest TVR

Recently, the film had its television premiere in Sun Tv as a New Year Special at 6:30PM. Official reports have confirmed that the film attracted 21.52 TVR in Tamilnadu with 22.2 TVR in Chennai while it made 1,67,66,000 impressions on the first week. Thus, Sivakarthikeyan’s Seemaraja became the No.1 film in India, on the Premiere day, to attract 22.02 Television Viewership Ratings.

Seemaraja thus serves a standout example to the fact that the television and family audience are among the major pillars that account to the success of Sivakarthikeyan.